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Christopher Lomax


A Mississippi native and product of Mobile, Alabama, Christopher graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2004 with a BA in Journalism and Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. He spent the following years in DC where he worked in political advertising with the national firm SKD-Knickerbocker. Christopher earned his law degree from Ole Miss Law in 2009. In 2012, Christopher started Aimlistly and earned an MBA from the Else School of Management at Millsaps College where he excelled as an Else and Dean’s Scholar. Later he worked in private equity with Eagle Ridge Growth Partners as lead analyst before launching Pearlbend.

In 2016 Christopher pulled together investors to launch Mississippi's premier startup ecosystem, Mantle. Since opening, Mantle. has continuously attracted tech startups and new ventures through its co.working spaces and its inc.ubator, thus making Mantle. a go-to space and resource for information economy businesses. 

Christopher is married to Lauren Cannada Lomax, the father of a beautiful little girl and a very cool kid, plus the dad to Eli their brittany. He loves growing, cooking, and socializing with good food, running, a cup of coffee, and spending time in the outdoors.




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Aaron Vick


Aaron Vick is a Mississippi native and current resident of Madison, Mississippi. His passion for innovation and workflow began at an early age leading him to a career in the technology sector that has spanned well over 20 years. At the age of fifteen, Aaron launched his career with a hardware company building computers piece-by-piece, wire-by-wire to sell to individuals and businesses. As technology evolved, so did Aaron’s business. He began providing custom software to help customer’s harness the efficiencies of the technological age.

A few companies later, Aaron wound up as part of the Rocket Science crew who provided companies, in Mississippi and beyond, with tailored solutions that embraced the world wide web. Their efforts lead to designing the first document research product, CaseLogistix, for the legal discovery market.

Aaron went on to provide workflow consulting and expert witness services within the legal electronic discovery vertical. He has worked in numerous countries around the globe with law firms and corporate counsel both on the strategic and tactical level to overcome the unique challenges of modern complex litigation. He has also served as the administrator and project manager for various U.S. federal court document collections.

He is also very active in the technology sector as a mentor and advisor in various verticals. Aaron is a founding member of a Mississippi technology incubator and co-working space, Mantle, encouraging young entrepreneurs in the Southeast region of the US to push the boundaries of today’s technology. He is also an advisory board member for various companies including a secure claimant management and settlement processing solution designed to streamline communications and claims analysis between geographically dispersed counsel and Global 25 corporations.

Anne Turner


Anne Turner is a Southern California transplant that practices business and corporate law for U.S. companies with domestic and international interests with a focus on technology and software development, licensing and commercialization for oilfield services, biotechnology agricultural and other companies with core technology assets.

Anne has advised U.S. clients on establishing international operations and foreign clients on engaging in U.S. transactions and acquiring U.S. technology assets, which advice has included guidance on structuring, strategic partnerships and joint ventures, trade issues and regulatory compliance with anti-corruption regimes. She has also counseled clients on a wide variety of acquisition and financing transactions, including those involving secured debt and venture capital equity positions.

In addition to business and corporate law, Ms. Turner assists clients with the development, protection and monetization of intellectual property assets involving patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret subject matter. She is also active in advising local community arts and music organizations on matters involving rights protection, acquisition and management.

Anne is an entrepreneurial-minded lawyer and focuses on solutions that work for business. She has also given her time to counsel and mentor startups in Jackson and around Mississippi. 

Chip Pickering


Chip Pickering has been CEO of INCOMPAS since January 2014. During that time, INCOMPAS has achieved significant growth with leading internet, backbone, business broadband, wireless, and international companies. Under his leadership, INCOMPAS has led numerous public policy campaigns promoting competition through an open internet and in the business broadband market.
Chip was a six-term Congressman representing Mississippi’s Third District. He was the vice chairman of the Energy & Commerce Committee from 2002 to 2006, as well as a member of the Telecommunications Subcommittee. Chip was the co-chairman and founder of the Congressional Wireless Caucus and an assistant minority whip of the House. He also worked for Sen. Trent Lott and served as a staff member on the Commerce Committee and  helped shape the Telecommunications Act of 1996, when he became well known as a Congressional leader on telecommunications issues. While in Congress, Chip served as chair of the subcommittee overseeing the transition to the commercial internet, the establishment of domain names, registries, and internet governance. He also successfully led a bipartisan legislative effort to codify net neutrality principles through the House in 2006.
Prior to joining INCOMPAS, Chip was a partner with Capitol Resources LLC, a public affairs and government relations firm, where he represented an array of telecom clients, including wireless, cable and competitive broadband providers, as well as non-profits and companies specializing in education, energy, technology and defense.