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The Next Big Thing

Chapter Three //. Casey Combest


Christopher Lomax talks with Casey Combest of Blue Sky Studios and The Made in Mississippi Podcast about music production and podcasting.. Make sure to follow Mantle. City Club + Inc.ubator on Facebook to catch The Next Big Thing LIVE!

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Mentioned in this Chapter:

//. People, Places, Companies

Casey Combest (@caseycombest) | Blue Sky Studios @BlueSkyJXN) | Made in Mississippi Podcast (iTunes) | Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) | Pharrell (@pharrell) | Sam Mooney (@sammooneymusic | iTunes) | Randi Zukerberg (@randizuckerberg) | CSpire (@CSpire) | Tim Ferriss (@timferriss) | Will Primos | 

//. Books

Tribe of Mentors + Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss (Amazon) | uilding a StoryBrand by Donald Miller (Amazon) | Focus by Al Reis (Amazon)

//. Signals

Amazon Flash Briefings (@alexa) | Entrepreneurs on Fire (iTunes) | The Tim Ferriss Show (iTunes)

//. Pearls

"We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with." Jim Rohn

"His name is Clark. I know his name..." Casey at minute 14 forgetting his kids name...

"Email is other people telling you want to do for them." Tim Ferriss

"There is so much negativity around us I think take a few minutes to listen to something positive. It inspires us and helps us have a better attitude throughout the day." Casey

//. Next Chapters

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