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The Next Big Thing

Preface //. tNBT

Preface: The Next Big Thing

Mantle. Co.founders and Hosts of The Next Big Thing preview their new straight to Facebook Live podcast over beers in the Living Room at the Mantle. City Club in Fondren. Christopher Lomax and Rick McKnight talk about finding the next big thing in technology, fitness, health, and more. Make sure to follow Mantle. City Club + Inc.ubator on Facebook to catch The Next Big Thing!

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Mentioned in this Chapter:

//. People

Josh + Cat Powell | Highland Village | DJ Scrap | Ardenland | Meredith Cook + Rick McKnight

//. Books

The Third Wave by Steve Case | Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

//. Signals

Powell Couple Vlog | Made in Mississippi | How I Built This | Finding Mastery | Zig Zag

//. Next Chapters

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